About this site

Welcome to my homepage! At the moment, it is nothing more than an extended resume and a means of showcasing some of the projects I have work on. Currently it's under heavy construction, and you can expect major changes to the overall design and layout from day-to-day.

The main design is called Plain and Simple, by edg3.co.uk, although I have made some changes. To emphasize that UWIRE is not a solo work, it uses a template called syndicateme that I've altered from a red trim to blue. The moral of this story is: go to Open Source Web Design, a great website with thousands of free website templates.

About me

I finished my degree at the University of Waterloo in August of 2010. While enjoying my time off I enrolled in the Stitt Feld Handy Online Negotiation Course, and currently am working on getting my Ham Radio licenses (mothers lock up your daughters!). Check out my LinkedIn profile and especially my resume for a better idea of who I am, and why you should hire me. I'm also the author of a pretty nifty WikiHow article on Low-Level Arduino Programming that's apparently gaining in popularity -- 20,000 hits and rising!